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In America, we have the freedom to choose the life we want. We can choose what we we want within the choices we are given. Some of those choices are made for us like what to wear and what to eat. To be happy, we must fit in. We are all guided by how we […]

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9/26 Food & Workout Entry

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What a beautiful morning to go on a walk! The crisp fall air is here! This morning J and I went on a walk with my dear friend and her youngest daughter. We just started walking together, but I’ve been doing walks for about a week now. I’m so happy to have her join me […]

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What I Buy @ Aldi

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Aldi photograph courtesy of If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi near you, then you are most blessed! If you know me well, I’m always talking about how much I love Aldi. Not only do I enjoy their small stores and great prices, but I’m in love with their BYOB (bring your […]

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Meal Plan – Week of 9/12/18

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I’ve been slacking a bit on eating the food I bought for our meal plan the last couple weeks. Sometimes this happens when we’ve had the same food for a few weeks…so I jump into creating a fresh meal plan. This week fresh produce frozen fruit is on sale as well as plant based protein, […]

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Future LPN

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This nursing school life is hard. But I’m so blessed to have it. I prayed to God to give me this opportunity and He gave it, so I better do a damn good job. It’s hard to wake up tired from studying all night, go to work, pick up my oldest from school, go home […]

September 10, 2019

Very Berry Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

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It’s summertime and I absolutely LOVE smoothies. I’ve been drinking this combo a whole bunch o’ berries. Just look at that color. 😍 Smoothies are such an easy way to get nutrients, minerals and protein your body needs + they are super refreshing and hydrating. Here’s the recipe: Very Berry Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie Makes […]

August 30, 2018