10 Super Sweet & Stress Free Valentines Gifts (Frugal, Minimalist, Zero-Waste)

Moore Thyme, Valentine's Day / Friday, February 9th, 2018

10 valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day! (Even if it is a consumer holiday). I have fond memories of Valentine’s Day parties in grade school. We were able to design our own Valentine’s Day card boxes out of shoe boxes. I loved being able to show off my creativity to the rest of my class. While my parents would purchase some supplies for me to decorate, it was easy to use what I already had at home as well.

It’s easy to get caught up in the consumer aspect of Valentine’s Day (and the stress!). With all the candy, teddy bears, cards, and small gifts, it’s easy to spend money. However, I still enjoy giving gifts on Valentines Day, especially my husband and daughters. My mom would always give us little gifts and I’m continuing this tradition.

This past Christmas, I bought/made gifts that were consumable, and it worked tremendously! My sister in law loved her pedicure gift card. My friend loved the rum balls I made her.

We all want to show our significant other, kids, or parents some love on Valentine’s Day. Here are my 10 favorite ways to show some love without going over budget or buying something we don’t need or want.

1. Gift Card. This could be for a manicure, pedicure, movie, restaurant, or to a store where the recipient can pick something they need.

2. Chocolates or candy. You can find bulk candies or chocolate at your local grocery store. Tie them up in a cute cloth bag. Buying a sustainable “fancy” chocolate bar where you can reuse or recycle the wrapping is a good idea too. Check with local businesses to see if anyone in town makes homemade chocolates.

3. Handmade card. Most of us (especially with kids) have paper and coloring supplies laying around the house. Decorate some type of paper with magazine clippings, dried flowers, stickers, drawings, and a sweet message. Your loved one will appreciate the thought you put into making them a special card.

4. Wine, Olive Oil, or a Spice Blend. Olive oils are my favorite go to for gift giving. We have a store near us that sells special bulk blends of oils and vinegar’s (in reused glass bottles!), as well as spices. Everyone needs to eat, and your valentine will think of you when they cook with it! Also, who doesn’t love wine? And the bottle is reusable and recyclable!

5. Coupon book. Write out a couple dozen coupons for anything from movie nights (at home + homemade popped popcorn!) to massages or day trips. This is great for kids and adults alike!! I know that I would love to receive a few massages or a chance to have a kid free evening to get some things done around here!

6. Sugar scrub. Who doesn’t like to exfoliate? Sugar scrubs are great for the skin and super easy to make. You should already have all the ingredients you need in your pantry!

7. Bake something! My friends and family LOVE my baked goods. Pick an easy recipe and use a cloth bag or glass container to gift them. You could cook up a delicious Valentine’s Day morning breakfast! Additionally, offer to host dinner for your valentine and make their favorite dishes.

8. A plant instead of flowers. Flowers are beautiful but they die quickly. Give your valentine something to remember you by for years to come; give them a small plant they can cultivate and nurture. Try giving them something easy to take care of, like a succulent or air plant. An Aloe Vera is relatively easy to take care of and it has medicinal uses.

9. Handmade gift. Whatever you’re good at making, give that! It could be crocheting a scarf, knitting a blanket, or making soaps and candles. All of these are easy on the wallet and the environment.

10. Local jam, jelly or honey*. In a glass jar, these are a perfect gift for your valentine. Give the gift of locally made jams and jellies, and your valentine can sweeten up their toast or rolls with a delicious topping. Plus, as we love to do here on the blog, you will be supporting local businesses. Sometimes it’s ok to pay more for a product when you know it supports local families and that it is of superior quality.

*I have learned that the vegan community is very anti-honey because they feel that honey comes from bees, and therefore is an animal product. I believe in supporting local beekeepers, because their bees have an important role in local agriculture. I am in no way supporting cheap imported honey with fillers. I absolutely support local beekeepers who treat their bees humanely. I am willing to discuss this further with you if you are interested. You may contact me here.

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, so get your goodies together now! No one likes going out at the last minute to get cards and gifts. That is what makes the holidays so stressful! Start now and you will be prepared.

Speaking of cards, I used to buy individual cards at the store, but quickly realized that spending $5 (or more!) a card was outrageous! I started buying those boxes of about 20 cards that all have the same design. I use those and I’ve also started making simple cards for family and friends. (I’m talking computer paper, my daughters’ stamps, pens, markers, etc.). I would like to get craftier with repurposed items! (I see a future blog post here!)

Did I forget anything?

What would you add to the list?

Do you make your own cards?


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