Taking a Break From Social Media

Mindful Living, Moore Thyme / Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

For the last month I have not uploaded a single Instagram post nor worked on my blog much.

We adopted a puppy at the end of April…and I’ve had more important priorities than uploading pictures and creating insta photos and content and hashtags and all that Jazz.

Meet Hank. He is a 3 month old Redbone Coonhound. (If you have any puppy tips be sure to send them my way! And good puppy vibes!)

I’ve been keeping a puppy routine along with the 11 mo and 5 year old.

And husband.

And cat. And bunny.

And having one car…playing taxi…

So I took a break.

Most days I haven’t eaten until dinner time and my chores are getting accomplished sporadically.

This puppy is taking all the free time I had just recently acquired!

However, he is a blessing šŸ’š.

Did you know that saying you “own” a dog is forbidden now? Who woulda thunk that it’s PC to say “animal companion”.

Or maybe it’s just with the animal rights vegans.

I personally don’t take offense to the term “owning” a pet. Or I guess, who really owns who? I guess they own me!

Taking a break has been nice, even if it was a forced break.

I’ve realized some things, as I do with every social media break.

(This isn’t my first time).

First: I definitely enjoy listening to podcasts, watching my Netflix shows, reading, and being creative when I can.

Second: More time with my family. Since Hank’s arrival, we’ve been playing more and taking more walks.

Third: Facebook is a joke. We waste hours, days, months? just scrolling by and sharing stuff.

Where does that get us in life?


What have we learned?


I don’t retain a darn thing I read on Facebook.

And it’s incredibly draining.

When I scroll I know I’m wasting time I could have spent doing something else.

Do you want more time in your life?

Then reduce the amount of time you spend online, especially Facebook.

Delete the app if you have to. I have several times before!!

Social media has so many benefits and is full of exciting opportunities.

But everything in moderation.

And balance. You gotta find that balance.

Try setting your phone down and close your eyes.

What do you hear?

What are you thinking?

What do you feel?

Can you smell anything?

Slow down and savor your beautiful life!!



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