Mindful Living, Moore Thyme / Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

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I’m here,

I’m waiting.

I don’t necessarily believe in GOD, but this quote spoke to me.

I’m deep in a storm right now.

Both mentally and in “real life”.

I’m trying to see the silver linings.

Life has kicked me down more times than I can count.

At the time, everything seemed hopeless.

But I made it though. I got back up and fought for my life.

This time probably isn’t any different.

Then, I was younger and less mature.

This storm, I’m older. I’m feeling the “wrong” choices I’ve made with every twist and turn.

But life is like that.

You fall. You get back up. You fight. You cry. You laugh.

While I’m waiting for the next chapter of my life to start…

…there is work being done in me while I wait.

I’m learning lessons.

I’m pausing.

I’m reflecting.

Many important lessons can be learned from the storms in our lives.

The one thing we can’t do is give up.

Giving up is not an option for me!

This is a sign that something better is out there for me.

Better may not be happening right now, but it will.

So while I wait, I will be focusing on the work within me.

Be more grateful.

Be more humble.

Reach out to family and friends.

The house may be messy.

But I’ll get down and play more,

Have more fun.

Not be so serious all the time…

Pray. Dream. Wish. Set goals. Crush them.

There are rainbows after storms. We won’t always see them, but they are there.



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