These Books Gotta Go – Minimalism Session 1: Books

Minimalism, Minimalsim Series / Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Before you start in on me about getting rid of books…listen up.

I am the proud daughter of not one, but two librarians. When you are the child of a librarian, it is sooooo hard to get rid of books.

Because of this, I had acquired many books over my lifetime from secondhand shops, rummage sales, and free book bins.

Did I truly like every book I bought?


Is there anything making me keep every book I’ve acquired?

Absolutely not!

I held on to these books even though they didn’t spark any joy with me.

And to be honest, these books got unpacked when we moved last and that’s about as far as they went. (Oops!) Life got busy and my books were neglected.

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If you are familiar with the KonMari method described in Marie Kondo’s, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” then you know she recommends to start with clothes.

(If you don’t know what the KonMari method is then click here).

She recommends to start decluttering with clothes, but I’ve done several clothes purges lately and I was ready for something new and fresh…so books here I come!

This is the sad bookshelf tucked away in my basement where I seldom came to pick out a new read. I mean, how could one choose a good book to read in this mess? When we moved in, boxes were unpacked and books strewn on shelves, only to be forgotten.

I did not do the book unpacking (ehremerhm)…but I never went back to fix the stacks.

Yesterday, I went down to the basement while J was taking her nap. (Praise the Lord! We call her the baby of no naps!) In a short amount of time I was able to sort and separate my books into five groups:

1. Keep (left side)

2. Maybe (right side)

3. For the kids (most for when they are older)

4. Maybe #2 (not sure why I have this pile)

5. Donate

Here is my donate pile:

I also added to the donate pile today this box which includes 2 board games that were down with the books. The books on the right are to keep though.

Yesterday, I made this left pile to donate and the right is books to give to the girls.

Today I added these books to keep. In total, I have way more kids books than I probably need. I’m justifying this by knowing that as soon as J grows out of her baby books I can donate them. She has a lot of little baby board books that I kept from R when she was little.

Minimalism IS NOT about getting rid of things that give you joy. It’s about keeping them. And these books give me joy. I specifically kept a handful of books that my younger self had saved for a future daughter. Now that I have two daughters, I know that when they get a little older that they will cherish those stories just like I did.

I still have most of my maybe books and plan to go through them as I go into the basement to work.

How is the book situation at your home? Do you have a lot of books like me or do you only keep your favorites?

We have so many kids books. What is your favorite children’s book?

See you tomorrow for Magazine and Cookbook Day!

Xoxo, Molly

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