What Cha Reading? Minimalism Series: Magazines and Cookbooks

Declutter, Minimalism, Minimalsim Series / Friday, June 29th, 2018

Thanks for joining me on my minimalism journey! Yesterday I tackled my bookshelf.

Today was tougher than I thought it would be when it came time to sort through my magazines and cookbooks.

Decluttering donating selling cookbooks and magazines minimalism minimizing books

I realized today that much of my nutrition related “stuff” does bring me joy.

I have collected nutrition related articles and information for years…even before I planned on becoming a registered dietitian and someday working in the nutrition field.

This morning, I realized that I acquired quite a few magazines of healthy recipes and nutrition related information.

Decluttering and minimalism books magazines and cookbooks

After spending a good couple hours on and off on this project, I was able to sort my magazines and cookbooks into 5 categories:

1. Keep

2. Donate

3. Recipes

4. Maybe

5. Recycle

Out of all my books, I sent four to the maybe pile. Donate had just 1…and it’s going to my mom so she can look at it. It is a unique recipe book about the “then and now” tastes of Kansas City. Unfortunately, I hadn’t looked at it since I bought it and most of the recipes used ingredients my family doesn’t cook with or eat.

There was this book about Homemade Living that I was intent on donating, even though I liked some of the content. As I started to take pictures of recipes and information, I realized that I would be taking pictures of the whole book if I photographed everything I wanted to keep! I decided to keep it for now and if I don’t use it in 6 months then it’s on to a new home!

Downsizing and decluttering books recipes cookbooks and magazines the joy of homemade living

I love buying nutrition related magazines. Ok…I USED to love buying nutrition related magazines. That was until I was on a strict budget and couldn’t bring myself to buy $6-$15 magazines anymore. Seriously, those things can be expensive!

I was holding on to them for recipes and other nutrition information. I was thinking I could photocopy the pages I wanted and then discard the rest. However, after starting I realized that would take up too much time. Instead, I just ripped the dang things out of the magazine. The recipes I’ll put into my recipe binder and the nutrition information I’ll file in my teeny tiny nutrition filing box that I put together yesterday.

I emptied my nutrition crate (which included my nutrition magazines) and put all the loose papers and extra copies of my nutrition workbook in a small filing box. I’ll be working on this project in a few weeks when I do the office/desk portion of my decluttering.

One thing I DID keep everything of are my Greenability magazines. In the summer of 2012 I worked as an intern for Kansas City’s Greenability Magazine. I published an article in the August issue. Because of this, I’m keeping the whole pile. But instead of them being tucked away in a box somewhere, I think I’ll put them in page protectors in a binder so I can reference them easily.

Here is my finished work for the day…

The left is to keep…cookbooks and my magazine pages. The right side is recycle.

I’m going to be finding recipes to experiment with in these books and keeping the ones I truly love. I may photocopy some for my recipe binder and donate the books I don’t need anymore.

On a final note today, please keep what brings you joy. If you don’t play golf but you have golf equipment and golf paraphernalia, then there is no reason you should still be hanging on to it! If you no longer use something or it doesn’t spark joy, then it is hanging on to you! Imagine that feeling of freedom that comes from discarding the possession that no longer serve you!

For me, nutrition and cooking bring me joy, as well as books and pictures. These are things I’ll keep more of and I’ll find another category of my possessions to diligently eradicate like old clothes, papers, and stuff-I-have-kept-but-don’t-know-why.

Do you own a lot of cookbooks or magazines? Do you use them or do they just linger on a shelf? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about it!

Join me tomorrow when I minimize and declutter my closet!

Xoxo, Molly

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