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How was your weekend?

I was a busy mama this weekend!

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I’ll be posting Monday thru Thursday and taking Friday thru Sunday off, save for an occasional post. Let’s see,

Friday I went through our shoes. I’ve done this a few times recently, but this time I pulled out 3 pairs of shoes that no longer fit R.

On Saturday I began with my accessories, medicine cabinet, sorting thru my jewelry and makeup, and under my bathroom sink.

Here is before:

And after:

I love those little cartons! I forget what was originally in them, but they work wonderful for holding my makeup and accessories + I think they are pretty darn cute. It was a great way for me to repurpose something and save some money as well!

Like I said, I also worked under my bathroom sink. I had this whole little drawer full of cute hotel shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Most of them were expired so out they went. I kept a few bars of soap that I can use for the shower and save some money on body wash!

I love bar soap but my husband doesn’t. Right now we are using a liquid body wash, but I’ve used bar soap before. I think I’ll start using it again for myself and the girls, and buy a liquid for my husband. This way we can save money and reduce our plastic packaging.

Sunday me, my mom, my brother and the girls went to Lawrence to visit where my grandparents, great grandparents, and several great aunts and uncles are buried. We hadn’t been out in awhile and it was nice to visit them again and leave flowers.

Before we headed home, we stopped at the Mad Greek for lunch. I was going to take sandwiches in the cooler for lunch, but decided that since we don’t travel to Lawrence very often, that we would eat at a local restaurant instead. I’m glad we did. It was delicious and they had plenty of vegan options for me.

After getting back, I was tired! There was no way I was starting my office/desk and file cabinet.

Instead, I cleaned out my purse and wallet which needed to be done! It’s ridiculous how much stuff accumulates in a purse!

One corner of my living room is my sell/donate pile. I’m hoping to sell as much as I can and donate the rest. It looks cluttery but I know it’s all on its way out the door soon!!

Right now several of my projects are in mid-completion stages. Daily life has made it challenging to completely start and finish all the projects on the same day. This week I’ll be taking Wednesday off from purging for the holiday. I plan to use Thursday and Friday to finish my projects and hopefully get some of my donation items out of the house.

When I was downsizing my makeup, I realized that I don’t need much anymore. For the past year I’ve really only worn mascara. All the eyeshadows that I used no longer appeal to me. I kept a few to see if I’ll use them or not, and I doubt I will except for a special occasion.

What does your makeup collection look like? Do you enjoy buying all the new pallets and shades or are you happy with just a few select pieces?

Let me know below! I’d love to see how you balance minimalism and makeup.

Xoxo, Molly

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