Wednesday Update + One Easy Way to Begin Minimizing Today

Declutter, Frugal Living, Mindful Living, Minimalism, Minimalsim Series / Thursday, July 12th, 2018

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Hey my readers (anybody out there?)

I didn’t get on Facebook at all today.

Instead, I played with my kids.

I took a shower alone and listened to a podcast.

I worked in the basement for over an hour.

I did some laundry and folded it. (Although, it hasn’t been put away yet…the struggle is real.)

Tonight I gathered up the trash we had collected over the past few days of working in the basement. 3 trash bags.

I placed all the sell/garage sale/just take to the donation center stuff into one group. Man…looking at all my progress like that makes me feel so good.

I’ve thrown things away that I wonder why I ever kept onto. I’ve recycled old papers I held onto for no reason.

I’ve bagged up books, toys, clothes, knickknacks and more that I found I didn’t need and I didn’t want.

There is a coffee table in my living room filled with donate and sell item and even more next to it.

It feels incredibly freeing to not be held down by these items anymore. Even though they are still in my house, I look past them as if they went there. I know they are leaving and it will feel even more calm in here.

Im so happy that I found minimalism and changed my spending and consuming habits. I’m happier, calmer, more thrifty and better at deciding what comes in and out of my life.

I want you to be able to enjoy your life. I’m telling you, minimalism is for everyone, including you. I hope my series inspires you to start your own journey and take back your life.

Are you ready to start? It’s as easy as finding 10 items to either donate, sell or throw away. Please share what items you removed from your home in the comments below! Let’s see if we all have some in common.

Xoxo, Molly

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