Monday Update + 6 Easy Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen Pantry

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Happy Monday friends!

Yesterday was Sunday and Sunday is my laundry day. Guess what? I actually literally managed to get 95% of the laundry done.

How did I do this?

I kept up with it so well over the last week that I didn’t have much to do yesterday! Whooo! Now if every week could be like this…fingers crossed!

I’ll do a post about how I do my laundry…but for now I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hang dry R, J and my shirts. Even some onesies too! And…I line dry sheets and blankets. I save money, improve the life of our shirts and get that fresh line-dried smell when I crawl into bed…ahhhhh.

I’m just trucking away at this minimalism and decluttering thing…bit by bit it’s all coming together and our moving date is fast approaching!

I haven’t really started packing yet, but I know that as soon as I’m ready it will be a breeze! At least, that is what I’m manifesting.

Yesterday I decided to start in on the kitchen.

I completed the pantry and our oils and vinegars which we keep above the stove. I have my kitchen set up so that everything is where we use it. For example: our baking supplies are where we prepare baked goods, our coffee and mugs are by the coffee pot, etc.


Ugh look how messy and disorganized it is!

Everything is just shoved in and thrown about.

I was able to throw away several expired sauces and other products…which makes me sad to waste food but I’m not keeping expired food around. We truly don’t waste much and I’m constantly trying to be better about it as well.

Here are my oils, vinegars, and sauces after. I tossed several expired ones and organized the rest and it’s really cleared up the space in there.

I had some help along the way as well from J.

J loves to investigate the cabinets.

I love the way my pantry items look in glass jars. It makes me happy to open my cabinets and see them. I don’t label them because I know what’s in them. I’d really love to get bigger jars because I find that I have to use several smaller ones for the same item. I’d like to make a trip to the thrift store soon to see what I cancan find. I may try asking at grocery stores or restaurants (if that’s even a thing?) before I buy any brand new. As you can see, I repurpose glass jars that fall into my possession as well as using mason jars. I always keep lentils, nuts and beans on hand.

Below is the other side of my pantry. I do buy a few canned beans to keep on hand. I find that they come in handy for quick meals when I don’t have any dry beans prepped. I do not buy any canned fruit or vegetables. Only fresh or frozen. I always try to keep canned coconut milk in my pantry for curries and desserts like fudgecicles.

One project I’ve had on my list is to purchase a (used) 4 or 5 tier storage shelving unit to build my stockpile. My dream is to buy and store large amounts of my basic pantry staples when they go on sale to keep a nice stockpile on hand. This would also minimize the amount of basic pantry staples that I would need to buy each week or month. This would also help in case of an emergency…we would have canned and dry goods that we could cook easily if we couldn’t make it to the store.

Here are 6 easy tips for you to start decluttering your kitchen pantry:

  1. Take everything out. Everything.
  2. Throw away/recycle containers of anything that is expired.
  3. If it’s not expired, but you know you won’t be eating it, then donate to a local food pantry.
  4. Store your dry goods in glass containers. Not only can you see them easier, but it keeps them fresh longer. Also, it’s cleaner and healthier.
  5. Now that you have everything sorted and all your dry goods in glass containers, you can put it all back in your pantry. Try grouping by type of item for easy access later and assign labels so your household will know what’s what.
  6. Keep it organized and clutter free by only buying what you need to replace. If you are running low on green lentils, then add them to your grocery list. By keeping everything clearly visible and organized, you will know what you have and when, and what you need to replenish. By stuffing cans, bags and boxes in your pantry every which way, things will get expired. You will find yourself buying duplicates or triplicates of items you didn’t really need. This will only cost you money and your sanity!

Alright loves, there you have it. I hope this post helps you finally declutter your kitchen pantry and keep it that way! Keep your mindset focused only on what you regularly use and keep those items stocked up. It’s all about saving money for simper living.

Until next time,


(PS: we move in just a little over a week! Time has flown and I can’t believe we are about to close this current chapter of our lives and start a new one!)

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