Why decluttering feels so good + 10 items that are super easy to get rid of right now!

Declutter, decluttering, Minimalism / Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Over the past year, and more so over the past several months, I have purged an incredible amount of stuff.

Then we moved…and I was forced to grasp that I had way more stuff than I wanted.

I felt disappointed. I felt helpless.

For the unpacking I’ve done (we can’t unpack everything yet) I’ve already put tons of stuff into my garage sale pile.

Everything I’m selling I painstakingly dragged to our new home to sell.

Seriously. All of it. I’m hoping to make some good money from it though! {mindset!}

Even after all that, I still feel like I should have gotten rid of more. Purged more. Trashed more.

I feel like I have too much stuff still. That I failed at my goal.

But then I remember that I’m practically addicted to this decluttering bug. And that for the few boxes I’ve been able to unpack, I’ve already filled 2 medium uhaul boxes with garage sale items.

I won’t stop decluttering now. I’m addicted. It’s a mental shift. I love the feel of getting rid of things that no longer serve me or my family. I feel lighter and happier. I have Moore Thyme in my day, more to time to live life…

It just feels so good.

My mind feels less cluttered, my life less cluttered, my home less cluttered. Less anxiety. Less stress. Moore Thyme.

Try it today! Spend 30 minutes decluttering.

These 10 items should be super easy to sell/donate or throw out right now:

  1. Old receipts and old bills (after documenting and paying of course).
  2. Expired food
  3. Clothes you haven’t worn in years/months
  4. Expired makeup, lotions, creams etc or products you’ve never used (try regifting them!)
  5. Appliances you’ve never used or don’t have a use for anymore
  6. Toys your kids no longer play with
  7. Almost empty containers of shampoo, lotion, etc.
  8. Blankets, sheets your family no longer uses.
  9. Duplicates
  10. Old socks, jeans, clothes etc with holes and too much wear and tear.

It’s pretty easy to get started and then you won’t be able to stop!

What are your ideas for items that are easy to declutter? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,


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