Meal Plan – Week of 9/12/18

Frugal Living, Meal Planning, Meal Plans, Moore Thyme, Vegan / Thursday, September 13th, 2018

I’ve been slacking a bit on eating the food I bought for our meal plan the last couple weeks. Sometimes this happens when we’ve had the same food for a few weeks…so I jump into creating a fresh meal plan.

This week fresh produce frozen fruit is on sale as well as plant based protein, veggies, and more . I try to plan our meals around sales on produce and pantry items.

What I’m getting on sale at Sprouts:

  • Avocados – 2/$1 is cheaper than Aldi this week
  • Organic apples
  • Mangos $.98
  • Frozen fruit
  • Organic frozen veggies
  • Tofu
  • Organic cans beans
  • Bulk beans
  • Organic tortilla chips 3/$5 less than Aldi this week
  • Organic cantaloupe
  • Organic romaine for our bunny Trixie
  • Organic grapes
  • Zucchini squash

Aldi has a few special buys this week:

  • Organic Alfredo sauce
  • Whole wheat penne
  • Non-dairy dessert
  • Fit and active turkey

I will be buying my staple items as well.

I’ve also created a School Lunch Meal Plan. Since R started Kindergarten, I’ve been giving her the same couple things so I’m challenging myself to be more creative. I designed a chart for easy lunch ideas. Since I like using leftovers for lunch, I can incorporate those easier as well. Just pick a main dish, 2 -3 sides and a treat. I think it will be fun to surprise her with treats occasionally like pudding which we don’t normally buy. She will be delighted when she opens her lunchbox!

Meals for this week include:

  • Turkey tacos / lentil black bean tacos with rice, avocado, salsa, (cheese), lettuce, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños and non – dairy yogurt.
  • Sweet potato nachos (already have sweet potatoes) with black beans, (chicken), spicy nacho cheeze dip, lentils, onion, avocado, salsa. Jalapeños,
  • Chicken Alfredo pasta / chickpea, mushroom, cherry tomato, zucchini squash, avocado and spinach pasta – all with salad and garlic pumpkin bread (Aldi).
  • Fresh fruit for snacks and lunches.
  • Apples and peanut butter
  • Frozen fruit for smoothies
  • Tortilla chips to stock up on and for snacks
  • Tofu for tofu breakfast scramble and maybe some baked crispy tofu

That’s about it! I’ll post my updated plan and list later!


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