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Aldi photograph courtesy of https://corporate.aldi.us/

If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi near you, then you are most blessed! If you know me well, I’m always talking about how much I love Aldi. Not only do I enjoy their small stores and great prices, but I’m in love with their BYOB (bring your own bag) policy and their vegan and organic items.

Aldi is the pinnacle of corporate responsibility. They eliminate the frills associated with big name grocery stores and they focus on the necessities. From sustainability to ethical working conditions, you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality product at an unbeatable price. Say goodbye to Whole Paycheck and WallyWorld and support an innovative company!

Some of these I buy weekly and others are my basic pantry items that last longer than a week. I do alternate purchasing breads and greens and various snacking products too.

Here are my must haves from Aldi:

  1. Seedtastic bread
  2. Nice to Wheat You bread
  3. The Great White bread
  4. Margaritas salsa
  5. Organic blue corn and yellow corn tortilla chips
  6. Spinach wraps
  7. Organic bananas
  8. Organic kale
  9. Organic spring mix
  10. Organic baby spinach
  11. Organic arugula and baby spinach
  12. Organic grapes
  13. Organic baby bella mushrooms
  14. Organic strawberries
  15. Organic blueberries
  16. Organic yellow onions
  17. Dates
  18. Organic vanilla and unsweetened soy milk
  19. Romaine lettuce for our bunny
  20. Avocados
  21. Cows milk for Jake and R
  22. Yogurts for Jake and R
  23. Organic peanut butter and almond butter
  24. Organic agave
  25. Jalapeño and exotic blend chips
  26. Re-fried beans (no lard)
  27. Organic Spaghetti sauce
  28. Organic Alfredo sauce
  29. Organic whole wheat spaghetti
  30. Organic black beans
  31. Organic pinto beans
  32. Organic kidney beans
  33. Garbanzo beans (organic when they have it)
  34. Unsweetened applesauce
  35. Hummus (organic or non)
  36. Sliced turkey for Jake and R
  37. Cheese sticks for R
  38. Cheese (organic or non) for Jake and R
  39. Pepperoni pizza for Jake
  40. Cheese pizza for R
  41. Cereal (we rotate different kinds)
  42. Organic brown sugar
  43. Organic unbleached granulated sugar
  44. Organic coconut oil
  45. Organic olive oil
  46. Grape seed oil
  47. Organic chia seeds
  48. Organic flax meal
  49. Seasonings
  50. Vanilla
  51. Granola bars
  52. Fruit and grain bars
  53. Organic oatmeal
  54. Organic frozen berries
  55. Organic chicken for Jake and R
  56. Frozen french fries
  57. Vegan veggie burgers
  58. Organic frozen broccoli
  59. 100% cranberry juice

Seasonally right now:

  1. Seed You Later Pumpkin bread (we are IN LOVE with this right now)
  2. Non diary ice cream
  3. Vegan cream cheese

This is a pretty comprehensive list, but I’ll make adjustments accordingly.


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