9/26 Food & Workout Entry

Fitness, Health & Wellness, Meal Planning, Meal Plans, Mindful Living, Moore Thyme / Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

What a beautiful morning to go on a walk!

The crisp fall air is here!

This morning J and I went on a walk with my dear friend and her youngest daughter.

We just started walking together, but I’ve been doing walks for about a week now.

I’m so happy to have her join me because it is way more enjoyable to have a friend along with which to work out!

We brought hot coffee which quickly cooled down and of course I spilled some on my sweatshirt.

We walked 3.86 miles in 1 1/2 hours with an approximate 500 calorie burn.

We like walking up hills and the neighborhood we walk in has plenty. There are many mature trees where we live and it will be so beautiful to see the changing colors of the leaves as fall progresses.

I will log my food entries later!

Breakfast: water and coffee

Lunch: Zoe’s Kitchen Power GrainBowl with Falafel (no sauce)

Dinner: sweet potato black bean tacos



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