Consumerism, Mindful Living, Minimalism, Moore Thyme, Simple Living / Thursday, October 4th, 2018

In America, we have the freedom to choose the life we want.

We can choose what we we want within the choices we are given.

Some of those choices are made for us like what to wear and what to eat.

To be happy, we must fit in.

We are all guided by how we think others see us or perceive us, whether we say we do or not, it’s there to some degree.

What if you could be happy with just the things and people that make you happy?

Minimalism – only keeping what you truly use or need and/or what brings you joy and happiness

Not consuming – It’s a trap!

Quit social media – not only will you feel better (mind and body) but you will have more time to actually do something with your life.

Healthy (mind, body, choices)

Education – never stop learning! It’s cliche, but life is a journey…and we never stop learning about the surrounding world in which we live. Keep your mind sharp and filled with knowledge. Immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new skill, or study everything in the encyclopedia! Oh and GO to your local library…and check out some books, movies and audiobooks.


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