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Hey there!

I’m just an everyday midwest mama living in a fast-paced, over-consuming world!

I like to take things slooowwwww…

…and savor the moment.

I enjoy old farmhouse’s with big, wraparound porches, big kitchen sinks and plenty of sunshine to dry the clothes on the line…

But I live in a suburb of Kansas City.

So I do what I can…make meals from scratch, dry my sheets on a line strung on my patio…and use only the most basic and non-toxic cleaning supplies to make my home sparkle…

Not only does this help me save big on our monthly expenses, but it gives me more time in my day to do what I enjoy most, like relaxing with my family, baking, or doing fun projects with my children.

Just when we thought we had everything figured out…life gave us a chance to begin a new adventure!

But first let me tell you how this happened…

In the summer of 2017, I left my job to be a stay at home Mom to newborn baby J. During this time, I discovered the art of frugal living, minimalism and the concept of zero-waste.

Since then, I’ve dabbled and dipped my toe into these concepts.

This summer, we are taking our chance to take minimalism by the horns and moving.

Join me as I spend the next 30 days minimizing and decluttering our 3 story townhome. My goal is to fit everything we own into one 15 foot truck or less.

You CAN have freedom from your possessions. You CAN have more time in your life to do what you love and enjoy. You CAN save money by living frugally.

I’m so happy you are here with me on this journey!

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Xoxo, Molly