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In America, we have the freedom to choose the life we want. We can choose what we we want within the choices we are given. Some of those choices are made for us like what to wear and what to eat. To be happy, we must fit in. We are all guided by how we […]

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9/26 Food & Workout Entry

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What a beautiful morning to go on a walk! The crisp fall air is here! This morning J and I went on a walk with my dear friend and her youngest daughter. We just started walking together, but I’ve been doing walks for about a week now. I’m so happy to have her join me […]

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What I Buy @ Aldi

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Aldi photograph courtesy of If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi near you, then you are most blessed! If you know me well, I’m always talking about how much I love Aldi. Not only do I enjoy their small stores and great prices, but I’m in love with their BYOB (bring your […]

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Meal Plan – Week of 9/12/18

Frugal Living, Meal Planning, Meal Plans, Moore Thyme, Vegan

I’ve been slacking a bit on eating the food I bought for our meal plan the last couple weeks. Sometimes this happens when we’ve had the same food for a few weeks…so I jump into creating a fresh meal plan. This week fresh produce frozen fruit is on sale as well as plant based protein, […]

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Mindful Living, Moore Thyme

(Not my picture) I’m here, I’m waiting. I don’t necessarily believe in GOD, but this quote spoke to me. I’m deep in a storm right now. Both mentally and in “real life”. I’m trying to see the silver linings. Life has kicked me down more times than I can count. At the time, everything seemed […]

June 6, 2018

Taking a Break From Social Media

Mindful Living, Moore Thyme

For the last month I have not uploaded a single Instagram post nor worked on my blog much. We adopted a puppy at the end of April…and I’ve had more important priorities than uploading pictures and creating insta photos and content and hashtags and all that Jazz. Meet Hank. He is a 3 month old […]

May 22, 2018

Life is Precious

Mindful Living, Moore Thyme

Life is so incredibly precious. And yet, some of us live our days like we are guaranteed them. We get mad at insignificant matters. We complain. We forget that any day could be our last. Or our children’s last… I was reading about the horrific school bus accident in Mount Olive, New Jersey today. Usually […]

May 22, 2018

Why I Don’t Need to Be a Perfect Blogger

Moore Thyme

When I was starting this blog, I brainstormed many ideas to write about. Then, every idea I had didn’t seem good enough. I’d sit down to write and nothing sounded good anymore. I haven’t done much writing since college, and I am seeing the damage first hand. (reminder: keep a journal!). I feel as if […]

March 7, 2018